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Burdens of Extraction: The Growing Coal Mining Industry in Australia’s Hunter Valley Wine Region

Farmers and small town residents grapple with the pressures of an unprecedented expansion in coal mining. Photo © Aaron Jaffe / Circle of Blue Since transitioning into a new global hydrocarbon center, the Hunter Valley region — which also boasts some of Australia’s best wine valleys — has become a competitive battlefield for laborers. John […]

Qlikview: Circle of Blue’s Featured Grant Recipient Profile

“A network of experts that reports on the global freshwater crisis, Circle of Blue needed help analyzing a global survey on attitudes toward freshwater sustainability, management, and conservation.” -Qlikview Grand Program. More on the Qlikview Grant Program. VIDEO: Qlikview & J. Carl Ganter [flv:video-circle_of_blue.flv 400 275] J. Carl Ganter speaks with Qlikview about Global Water […]