Cape Town’s “Day Zero” Approaches

Local authorities estimate that taps will be turned off by April 29, 2018.

Cape Town Rations Water Before Reservoirs Hit Zero

No end to water crisis in South Africa’s second largest city. By…

To Avoid Drought Calamity, Cape Town Restricts Water Use

Reservoirs supplying city of 4 million are nearing bottom during…

This Is South Africa

Love, despair, and human progress converge in a magnificent land.

Radebe Wild Coast Murder Yields No Suspects

Police expand investigation as case attracts international attention.

Karoo Uranium, Fossil Energy Development Defies Water Scarcity and Reason

Renewable energy flourishes while South Africa leadership pursues risky, costly conventional fuels path.

A Murder on South Africa Wild Coast Escalates Conflict Over Water, Land, Mining

Opposition leader assassinated in one of world’s dangerous clashes over industrial development.

South Africa Locks Onto Coal Despite Water Risks, Grim Market Trends

Demand and prices steadily slip, causing economic and political turbulence.

Without Water, South Africa Anticipates A Mammoth Crop Failure

Climate-related consequences are raising food prices, joblessness,…

South Africa Crocodile Farm, Hurt By Drought, Is Where Gucci Bags Start

Metcroc farm is full of slow moving product that doesn't bite....hard. Photo…

South Africa Drought Draws A Frustrated Nation Together

In rare instance of unity, people eye government's blunders,…