HotSpots H2O: Months of Flooding and Violence Force South Sudanese from Their Homes

Nearly a half million people have been displaced due to abnormally heavy rainfall and flooding in South Sudan this year.

Zambia Enters Pivotal Season with Few Covid-19 Cases But High Risks

The coronavirus has yet to peak in Zambia, but observers worry about the country’s ability to fight a disease surge.

Uganda wants people to leave flooded wetlands – and not come back

Authorities have been trying to clear the wetlands around Africa’s biggest lake for years. This year’s flooding may have helped their case.

Lake Victoria’s surging water levels threaten hydro dams: Uganda

Lake Victoria's water levels have surged to their highest level in more than half a century after about eight months of relentless downpours, posing a threat to Uganda's hydropower plants.

Voice of resilience: Kenyan radio builds herders’ trust in drought insurance

As a warming climate spurs more extreme weather, herders in Kenya's arid and semi-arid northern parts can lose up to 10 percent of their livestock when drought hits.

Egypt’s Nile River Pressured by Population Growth, Rising Sea Level

Threats to the Nile and explosive population growth are pushing Egypt toward severe water scarcity.

Cape Town Outlines Plans for Emergency Water Distribution

Residents will be allowed 25 liters (6.6 gallons) per person per day at 200 collection points.

Cape Town’s “Day Zero” Approaches

Local authorities estimate that taps will be turned off by April 29, 2018.

Cape Town Rations Water Before Reservoirs Hit Zero

No end to water crisis in South Africa’s second largest city. By…

To Avoid Drought Calamity, Cape Town Restricts Water Use

Reservoirs supplying city of 4 million are nearing bottom during…

Drought, Heat, and Conflict Strand Residents of Dadaab

World’s largest refugee camp illustrates human costs of water-scarce…