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Drought Relief Farm fields across the Midwestern United States were quenched this week as heavy rainstorms over the central part of the country continued to relieve one of the worst droughts in U.S. history, Reuters reported. Grain prices, which were pushed up to record highs last summer due to the drought-damaged U.S. corn crop, could […]

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India’s flawed water management could hinder its economic growth and political stability, Reuters reported, citing the expert charged with developing the country’s new water resource strategy. Agriculture & Drought A shortage of water in India’s Maharashtra state could affect the region’s sugar output unless it receives adequate rains during the June-September monsoon season, The Wall […]

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Weather Extremes Thousands of Australians have been forced from their homes because of floods that have risen to record levels in some areas of Queensland and New South Wales, Reuters reported. While the coal industry is largely unaffected, agriculture and properties are likely to sustain significant damage. Bad weather has gripped much of Europe as […]

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As the Southeast Asian country battles with climate change, it looks to use less hydropower.

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