Red Carpet, Blind Paparazzi

NEW YORK, New York — OK, one more thought from the Time Global Health Summit: I can’t help but comment on the “red carpet” press event at the Alicia Keys “Black Ball,” a fundraiser to bring AIDS medications to children in Africa.

J. Carl Ganter / Circle of Blue
Photographers snap shots of Alicia Keys on the red carpet.

Through an informal poll as we waited for the stars to arrive and parade in front of the cameras, I didn’t find a single reporter who was aware of the Time Health Summit’s mission or details.

In fact, few seemed to know of Ms. Keys’s AIDS efforts.

It was comical to see the give and take between the stars and the paparazzi. They need each other to survive — one only hopes that editors take time to read the press releases and get the captions right.

“Alicia, look over here!”

–J. Carl Ganter
Circle of Blue director

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