Epicenter: Hotel Condesa D.F.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — After 12 hours of back-to-back interviews with Mexico City press, Circle of Blue team members made a mad dash back to their rooms to change clothes, grab laptops, and head down to the Hotel Condesa Cinema to present a special preview of Tehuacán: Divining Destiny.

Just four weeks earlier, a Circle of Blue field crew landed in Mexico for 10 days of reporting for the pilot production.

In the dim lights of the underground club, seven plasma screens glowed with Brent Stirton’s photographs from the front lines of the world water crisis. Staff welcomed more than 150 of Mexico City’s best-known artists, entertainers, creative professionals, editors, and philanthropists, as well as international water experts and scholars who were in town for the World Water Forum.

I started the presentation at 10:30 p.m., following an opening address by Dr. Scott Whiteford and the 13-minute documentary from the Tehuacán assignment. We’re enthused and tired.

–J. Carl Ganter
Circle of Blue director

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