Say Hello to Keith Schneider, Career Adventurist

As we race the dawn to complete the details for this exciting week at the Emmys and the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, I thought I’d point out a most significant modeshift within our midst.

Click over to Keith Schneider’s Modeshift blog entry, “You say goodbye, I say hello.” Thank you, Keith. It’s an honor to say hi.

As a lifelong member of the tribe of career adventurists it’s time to announce another turn in the journey. I am leaving the Michigan Land Use Institute to take a new position as senior editor and strategist for Circle of Blue, an independent online journalism, research, and movement building organization focused on helping to solve the freshwater crisis. What’s especially keen, along with the great promise of a new way to influence a global environmental and economic crisis, is that I won’t have to leave home. Circle of Blue, based in Traverse City, is the second organization devoted to public interest journalism, research, and social organizing in northwest Michigan.

Keith will be blogging daily on Modeshift from the Clinton Global Initiative. We’ll be mirroring his posts here.

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