Donghao Chung, Guangzhou’s Daylighted Water Refuge

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Big Investment Updates Great Lakes Shipping

New technology and ships make maritime commerce more efficient,…

Commentary on SDG 6.4: Continued Lack of Storage Considerations in Water Scarcity Metrics

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The Growth of the Water Beat

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Air Pollution: Eastern China Becomes A Smoker’s Lounge

Did you miss Circle of Blue's reporting on how cleaning up the power sector – namely coal – and reducing energy demand would clear the air and provide water benefits? Not to worry; Brett Walton gives an update on the current smog situation and how a recent report may provide solutions.

TIM: This Is Mongolia

Paved roads are still a rarity in this country, which is larger than Alaska and where 1.2 million people – 40 percent of the resident population – earn their keep herding livestock.

A Tank of Warm Water Brews a New Development Tea in Mongolia’s South Gobi Desert

Circle of Blue senior editor Keith Schneider wraps up his recent trip to Mongolia.

China Takes a Keen Interest in Water-Energy Connections

Circle of Blue's Keith Schneider reports from Beijing on discussions…
Workers swarm a big water transport canal near Tilda, India undergoing repair and expansion to serve the steam production and cooling requirements of the region’s expanding number of big coal-fired power plants.

2012 Year In Review: At the Front Line of the Global Contest Over Water, Food, and Energy

Circle of Blue's senior editor Keith Schneider reflects on — and celebrates — this year's body of work from our top reporters.

Contest Between Water and Energy Becoming Big Story

Back from China, Circle of Blue's senior editor notices a trend creeping from our headlines to those of other news organizations around the world.