Docked or docketed: Proposed California water bond heavily criticized

SACRAMENTO-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and senator Dianne Feinstein have made public their plan for a $9.3 million bond, reports SignOnSanDiego. They believe the bond would alleviate the state’s water worries through the construction of new dams, increased water storage, grants to local agencies, restoration of watersheds, cleanup of contaminated underground reservoirs, as well as general conservation efforts.

The critics say, however, that the plan is too costly. So expensive, some think, that only the richest areas will be able to afford its benefits. Building new dams and focusing attention on reservoirs, other opponents proclaim, would dehydrate state and local budgets. With a $15 billion deficit, voters in California may agree.

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Source: SignOnSanDiego (Union-Tribune)

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