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More Than Bugs & Bunnies: Evaporating Okeechobee a Matter of Life and Death

Tempers flare across Florida as dry conditions persist — perfect weather for the state’s most pernicious parasite: worry. With less than 12 feet of water in Lake Okeechobee, farmers and fishermen fear allocations may be insufficient to sustain the region’s agriculture and its estuaries. But who is responsible for finding a solution? Neither the South […]

Digital Drought: Australia’s Future on Fire in Acclaimed Media Project

Australia’s drought remains severe, but the award-winning interactive drama project, Scorched, offers a searing reality check for Australians nationwide. The year is 2012 and Sydney, facing raging bushfires, is finally out of water. As politicians, journalists, and ordinary citizens race to save their country, the project urges real Australians to join the not-so-fantastical fiction. Using […]

Water Designer Turns Box Thinking Inside Out

While the recent UNESCO Water Report encourages stakeholders to climb out of their respective ideological boxes, a packaging innovator from Michigan reassures consumers boxes aren’t so bad after all. As it turns out, drinking water packaged in boxes might be the happily sustainable medium for those unlikely to sacrifice the portable, disposable commodity. Benjamin Edgar, […]

Canons and Cannons: World Water Forum Disperses Policies, People in Turkey

Unfurl a banner against privatized water and get a return flight home, compliments of the Turkish government. As water experts, activists, researchers and businesspeople convene for the third day of the 5th World Water Forum, protests and deportations dominate media coverage of the event. Simmering steadily for the past several years, the conversation around whether […]

Peace Pipes & Smoking Guns: Southern Ethiopia’s Struggle for Water

Water may be declared a human right, but such declarations do little for those living in the southern lowlands of Ethiopia where the resource remains preciously limited. Violent episodes break out when rain fails to fall. Instead of precipitation, villagers find their families and livestock fleeing from a storm of bullets. Recently 70,000 people were […]

A Capitol Offensive: Renowned Strategists Challenge U.S. to Lead Global Water Campaign

As the money tree of the world wilts, thirsty from neglect, people around the globe desperately sound the alarm. The most recent iteration of this message comes from the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) — the respected bi-partisan strategy and public policy think tank in Washington D.C. As part of the CSIS Global […]

Sanitation Crisis Brewing in U.S. Tent Cities

As hundreds of thousands lose their jobs and homes monthly, a new population of internally displaced persons (IDPs) haunts the American landscape. From Sacramento to Seattle, water and sanitation conditions within the resulting camps and shantytowns fall far below par. Between the river and the railway tracks of Sacramento Depression-era history repeats itself, reports the […]