Understanding and Responding to the Role of Drought in National Security

“We don’t have a world water crisis, we have a world water management crisis.” From New Security Beat

Voice of resilience: Kenyan radio builds herders’ trust in drought insurance

As a warming climate spurs more extreme weather, herders in Kenya's arid and semi-arid northern parts can lose up to 10 percent of their livestock when drought hits.

Thirsty Cities Drill for Water

When reservoirs drop, cities turn to groundwater.

A Decade After Barcelona’s Water Emergency, Drought Still Stalks Spain

Precipitation in 2017 was scarce, plunging Spain into its worst drought since 2008.

São Paulo Heading To Another Dry Spell

Three years after the megacity nearly ran out of water, signs of a new crisis emerge.

HotSpots H2O, February 12: Spotlight on Drought and Unrest in Iran

Scarce rainfall and poor water management have led to prolonged drought in Iran. As the dry spell continues, water shortages could spark further unrest in the country.

Cape Town’s “Day Zero” Approaches

Local authorities estimate that taps will be turned off by April 29, 2018.

North Korea Faces Drought Following Months of Low Rainfall

Dry weather is severely damaging North Korea’s crop production.

To Avoid Drought Calamity, Cape Town Restricts Water Use

Reservoirs supplying city of 4 million are nearing bottom during…
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Water Scarcity Causes Cauvery Delta Anguish

Worst drought in 140 years leads to farmer deaths, water riots, policy impasse.

Drought, Heat, and Conflict Strand Residents of Dadaab

World’s largest refugee camp illustrates human costs of water-scarce…

Severe Drought Grips Bolivia

Failed rains, shrinking glaciers, and growing demands from cities, agriculture, and mining put pressure on Bolivia's water supplies.