Infographic: Drinking from the Sea—Worldwide Desalination by the Numbers

Demand for desalination plants increases worldwide.

Pressed by growing urban populations, drier, and warmer climates, as well as the need to fortify supplies stretched by the increasing worldwide thirst, metropolitan and national governments on five continents are building record numbers of industrial plants to use a nearly alchemic technology to produce drinking water from the sea.

Infographic Water Data Facts Top Ten Desalination Countries Reverse Osmosis Scarcity Saudi Arabia UAE United Arab Emirates United States Spain Kuwait Algeria China Qatar Japan Australia

Desalination Capacity Reverse Osmosis Treatment Ocean Seawater Bracken Delta Salt Wastewater Sea

Infographic Water Data Facts Reverse Osmosis Desalination Scarcity Treatment Ocean Seawater Bracken Salt Wastewater Sea

Graphics © Hannah Nester/Circle of Blue

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