The Stream, June 28: France Pledges Nuclear Power Investment

The water recycling system deployed to clean the tainted water in Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant was halted for repairs after a brief run on Monday, the Associated Press reported. The contaminated water could overflow by early July if the recycling system fails or other storage options are not enough.

Despite the growing anti-nuclear trend in Europe following the Fukushima crisis, French president Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged $1.42 billion of investment in atomic power, the Guardian reported.

Turkmenistan plans to borrow more than $240 million from the Islamic Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank for a rail link to Iran and a domestic water-supply project, according to Reuters.

Water shortages could threaten the development of renewable energy technologies and other emerging sources of power such as shale gas, according to recent research by the New American Foundation, the Guardian reported.

Sudan and the United Nations have launched a $1 billion cash appeal to help reverse the rapid decrease of Darfur’s water supplies, considered one of the major factors behind the region’s conflict, AFP reported.

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