The Stream, June 14: Italian Referendum Rejects Nuclear Power, Water Privatization

More than 90 percent of Italians rejected Silvio Berlusconi-era legislation on nuclear power, water privatization and trial immunity for government ministers in a national referendum that registered a 57 percent turnout, Deutsche Welle reports. Following the poll results, the shares of Italian renewable energy companies rose on Monday, while the shares in Italian utilities with water businesses came under pressure, according to Reuters.

This photo essay on the Guardian website pays tribute to the city of Venice, which is steadily drowning with water.

A dozen World Heritage Sites, including China’s Three Parallel Rivers, India’s Kaziranga National Park and Kenya’s Lake Turkana, are threatened by large dams, Chinadialogue reports.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities are considering yet another massive engineering scheme: to divert water from Tibet’s Yarlung Zangbo River to the dry region of Xinjiang in northwest China, according to Chinadialogue.

French lawmakers introduced a bill that would ban the use of fracking during exploration of oil and natural gas, UPI reports.

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