The Stream, June 22: Mapping Climate Change

A 2008 compact designed to protect the Great Lakes against diversions is undergoing its first big test as the Great Lakes face more and more pressure to supply surrounding regions, according to WBEZ.

A new map shows the regional and local impacts of climate change.

As energy demand and oil prices are soaring, Arab countries are spending more and more petrodollars on their own alternative energy projects, ClimateWire reports.

Although genetically modified rice is banned from commercial sale in China, new investigation shows that GM rice crops are nevertheless spreading across the country, AFP reports.

The operator of China’s massive Three Gorges Dam said it is building four hydroelectric power stations on the Jinsha River that will generate about 190 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or twice as much power as Three Gorges, UPI reports.

Though Mongolia’s coal exports are expected to reach some 50 million tons by 2015, a severe lack of roads, rail lines, electricity, water and skilled workers in the impoverished country pose significant challenges to Mongolia’s mining boom, Reuters reports.

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