Circle of Blue Creator Presents Bracken Lecture at Ball State University

Sarah Boswell reports for the Ball State Daily News :

J. Carl Ganter is chasing a news story that’s not on anybody else’s radar — the scarcity of water in China, which could soon stifle its gross domestic product and economic success.

The multimedia journalist and co-founder of Circle of Blue spoke about international issues related to water shortages during his lecture “Our Water Future: Meeting the Challenge of the Century.” Ganter presented the Bracken Environmental Lecture on the same day as the United Nations-sponsored World Water Day.

His lecture focused on how the group got started and it’s latest project: “Choke Point China,” and today Ganter heads to China to start the project.

“It’s basically simple math,” he said. “What we found is that China, at least at the current course, most likely does not have enough water to continue their GDP growth and their use of energy. The outcome is China’s facing down a pretty serious choke point.”

Circle of Blue considers itself the only non-advocacy news agency devoted to bringing water issues into mainstream daily life through stories, data and social media.

Ball State students got involved in the mission during an immersive class this semester. They’re making interactive graphics based on data and reporting that’s being done in China.

Read the rest here.

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