First Water Era Human Civilization

Infographic: Three Eras of Water — The History of the Relationship Between Civilization and Nature

Entry in the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge, sponsored by and Circle of Blue.

Carlo Llacar submitted this infographic for the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge—sponsored by Circle of Blue and

Water Fact Infographic Human Relationship History Man

Graphic © Carlo Llacar for Circle of Blue and
Infographic: The Three Eras of Water. View / download the infographic PDF (19MB).

This “info-art,” or infographic*, is based on Peter Gleick’s essay, “Facing Down the Hydro-Crisis.” It encapsulates the relationship history between man and water, as divided into the three eras described by Gleick.

The infographic portrays the evolution of water technology, including its immediate successes of human progress and the disadvantages of that progress. Peter Gleick’s scientific, social, and historical findings detailed in his essay are translated into this piece, putting those patterns in a contemporary light.

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*”Facing Down The Hydro-Crisis” was originally published in the World Policy Journal (©2009 World Policy Institute : used by permission), and this infographic originally appeared in the book Safe Agua (©2010 Designmatters at Art Center College of Design).

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