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Toby Smith, Photographer for Choke Point: China Series, Featured in The New York Times

On Monday, Toby Smith — who was on location with Circle of Blue’s senior editor, Keith Schneider, as part of the Choke Point: China reporting team last December — and some of his photos from China were featured in The New York Times.

Toby Smith photographer Choke Point china circle of blue energy water photo
Toby Smith, an award-winning photographer specializing in energy and environment matters, was a member of Circle of Blue’s Choke Point: China reporting team.

Smith, an award-winning contemporary reportage photographer specializing in energy and environment matters, was a key player on the Circle of Blue team, documenting China’s water-energy nexus from his unique lens.

Smith’s time is divided between long-term personal, international, editorial, and contemporary works for exhibition. His feature stills and video work have been published by clients such as GEO, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Guardian, Fortune, TIME, The New York Times, BBC, and Sky News. Recent projects have included an undercover expose on illegal logging in Madagascar, which snowballed into an international investigation, and his renewable-energy project from Scotland has been awarded an “Innovation in Storytelling” grant for publication by National Geographic online. Reach Smith at

For more of Smith’s work from China, check out Circle of Blue’s Choke Point: China package, which traces the confrontation of water scarcity and energy demand in the world’s fastest-growing industrial economy.

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