The Stream, December 6: Water Wars Raging in Midwestern States

States in the midwestern United States, still reeling from this summer’s drought, are turning to the White House for help securing enough water from the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. President Barack Obama has received letters from officials in 30 states, the Associated Press reported, asking him to play a role in a dispute about whether to release upstream MIssouri River reservoir water to boost the Mississippi River’s levels.

U.S. Senator John Thune, from South Dakota, said that the Army Corps of Engineers cannot release Missouri River water to aid navigation on the Mississippi, The Daily Republic reported.

Ice-sheet Melting

Oceanographers in the U.S. and Sweden found that West Antarctica’s ice sheet is melting faster than expected. reported that the observations might help better predict future ice-mass changes.

A Death Foretold

The Dead Sea has dried up before, according to a study presented at an Annual Geophysical Union meeting. The finding proves ominous for the future of water supply in the region, CBS News reported, if water-supply shortages exacerbate an already tense and conflict-prone region.

Investment in Angola

Angola has committed $US 1.25 billion to improve its water supplies and distribution networks. Seven of the country’s 18 provinces will see improvements, Bloomberg reported.

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