The Stream, July 16: Global Energy Shift?

San Francisco is considering an ordinance that would require owners of new and renovated buildings with water fountains to install special bottle-filling taps, according to Associated Press. The measure is part of the city’s efforts to curb the use of plastic water bottles.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous state, is planning to increase the water supply in cities and rural areas across the country, Bloomberg reported, citing government officials.

Heavy rains and floods affected many parts of the world last week. From the United Kingdom to Bangladesh — here are photos of last week’s extreme weather.

Could the 21st century be the century of gas? New sources of natural gas across the world could transform global energy markets, says The Economist.

Natural gas is quickly overtaking coal as the top fuel the United States. This graphic by The Atlantic sheds light on the incredible shift in America’s energy system.

A rush for resources in Inner Mongolia, a northern Chinese province, has brought prosperity but also desiccated pastures and fueled unrest among Mongol herders, according to The Economist.

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