The Stream, September 17: Reforms and Recommendations in Asia’s Water Crisis

Asian Water Crisis
A dike breach in Bangkok, Thailand put pressure on the national government to step up severe weather adaptation efforts. Flooding is an issue in many of Asia’s biggest cities, Inter Press Service reported, since urban immigrants often crowd major river deltas.

Asian countries have the lowest per-capita access to fresh water in the world, a commentary in the Jakarta Globe reported. Author Brahma Chellaney outlined seven factors contributing to the Asian water crisis, including growing economic prosperity, inefficient irrigation practices and lack of transnational cooperation.

California Water Infrastructure
Wastewater treatment plants across California are making substantial changes to adhere to stricter water quality rules. State and federal standards, aging facilities and environmental factors are forcing the upgrades, Capital Public Radio reported.

Scientific Curiosities
Scientists have discovered a way to boil water without any bubbling. The key, Scientific American reported, is to surround the heat source with a water-repellant material.

Saturn’s rings are partially created by water vapor. Jets on Saturn’s moon Enceladus fire geysers of vapor into the air, NPR reported, and some reach high enough to crystallize and join an outer ring.

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