The Stream, September 24: Global Desalination Debates

Waste water recycling is a better option for Indian cities short on water than desalination, Economic Times reported. Reuse is practical in any location, cleans more wastewater than alternative methods, and is cheaper than desalination.

Many proposed desalination plants in California have been halted by high construction costs, ‘huge’ energy requirements, regulatory wrangling and legal challenges. The Press-Telegram reported that only one, along Monterey Bay, is pumping out any water.

Water Shortages in Zimbabwe

Residents of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe have been ordered to flush their toilets at 7:30 p.m. every Monday, to prevent sewer blockages as the city faces ongoing water shortages. Ongoing water rationing in the city, the Mail & Guardian reported, makes the timed flush necessary.

Kashmiri Conservation

Conservation work is set to begin in Kashmir’s Wular Valley, focused around the Wular Lake. The projects, Inter Press Service reported, are designed to improve biodiversity in and around the lake, boost livelihoods around the lake, and enhance Kashmir’s hydropower generation.

Global ‘Frackdown’

Protestors in several countries participated in a “Global Frackdown,” demonstrating against natural gas drilling that they say threatens public health and the environment. Scientists, NPR reported, disagree on the risks of hydraulic fracturing.

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