The Stream, September 5: Cubbie Station Sale Raises Concerns for Australia’s Water

The possible sale of Australia’s Cubbie Station to Chinese investors has sparked concerns about water buyback targets for the Murray-Darling River Basin, according to The Australian. Cubbie station, the country’s largest cotton producer, has water entitlements of about 140 billion liters (36.9 billion gallons) per year.

Food Prices and Security
Three United Nations food agencies have warned that urgent action is needed to combat rising food prices and prevent a food crisis, AlertNet reported. Prices for grains have risen dramatically over the summer in response to droughts.

North Korea could lose 13 percent of its grain harvest this year due to drought and floods, adding to worries about food insecurity, Reuters reported.

Though El Niño conditions are now present in the Pacific, the weather phenomenon is expected to be weak and short-lived, Reuters reported, citing New Zealand weather scientists. This is good news for regions like Australia and Southeast Asia that typically experience droughts during an El Niño.

Resource Extraction
At least six miles of an Amazon River tributary have been contaminated by toxic wastewater spilled from a zinc mine in Peru, the Associated Press reported.

The Czech Republic is expected to place a moratorium on shale gas exploration starting in October, Bloomberg News reported. The temporary ban is meant to give the government time to properly regulate hydraulic fracturing and its impact on the environment.

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