Action Figures

This is not a Top 10 list. There is no ranking.

But the truth is that today’s real superheroes don’t have alter-egos and they don’t wear capes — people like you and people you know are shaping how we understand the world’s greatest challenges. In Circle of Blue’s Action Figures series, we’re profiling innovators who are doing extraordinary work in water, food, and energy. The network includes social entrepreneurs, artists, poets, peacemakers, photographers, business leaders, negotiators, researchers, musicians, and visionaries who are inspiring change around the world one idea, one story at time.

We’re choosing to break convention and get innovative with our storytelling. It’s about finding solutions. It’s about designing a better future. It’s about building a strong network that crosses borders and oceans.

Will you help us? The Action Figures network is only as strong as the recommendations that we receive. Are you an action figure? Whose work inspires you? Let us know. To nominate an individual or an organization, tweet us @circleofblue with the #actionfigure hashtag.

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