The Stream, April 18: Bilateral Support for Major Water Investment in Texas

The Texas State Senate’s Natural Resources Committee passed a bill that would allocate $2 billion in state funds for water-related projects such as new reservoirs, desalination, and conservation. Broad consensus has accompanied the bill and its proposed investment of state resources, StateImpact Texas reported, with only fiscal conservative groups fighting back.

One of the biggest outstanding decisions related to the bill is: Should voters or lawmakers decide to tap available funds? Both variations of the proposal, Dallas Business Journal reported, are moving through the Texas House and Senate.

Colorado Scarcity
The Colorado is the most endangered river in the United States, according to a new report by American Rivers. The report drew heavily on the Interior Department study last year, KPCC reported, warning that the river will not be able to supply all the residents, businesses, ranchers, Native Americans and farmers who depend on it for more than 50 years.

Business of Water
Water-supply struggles in China could directly affect American businesses. That’s the central finding from a GreenBiz column by Ceres’ Brooke Barton, who outlines threats businesses face from reputation damage, industrial-cost increases, production slowdowns, and polluted water supply in factories.

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