The Stream, April 22: Oklahoma v.Texas in Supreme Court for Water-access Dispute

Tomorrow, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case pitting Oklahoma against Texas over rights to the Red River, a critical supply source for north Texas. The region is one of the fastest growing in the country, NPR reported, but faces severe water shortages. The case’s outcome will affect water-sharing agreements around the U.S., since the Red River compact’s language is the same as other inter-state water-sharing agreements.

On an Indian reservation in Montana, tribal leaders and the state government are in a dispute over water rights from area reservoirs, rivers, and streams. The arguments, The New York Times reported, revolve around a 1,400-page draft compact that includes usage rights and infrastructure funds.

Corporate Water
Spending on water management is doubling in India as shortages approach crisis levels. The government, Bloomberg reported, set aside $US 20 billion for waste treatment, irrigation, and recycling, in a major nationwide initiative.

China Earthquake
The strong earthquake that struck southwest China over the weekend created dangerous water-supply conditions in the region. Supplies in Ya’an City could run out in three days, CNN reported, despite relief supplies sent to the area.

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