The Stream, August 19: Researchers Suggest a Fishing Ban Along Entire Yangtze River

Based on a new report on the Yangtze River in China, researchers are suggesting a fishing ban along the entire river in order to preserve ecosystems currently being threatened by upstream activity, The Fish Site reported. The report was a collaboration between government agencies and NGOs that spanned five provincial-level regions, the first of its kind to study the upper reaches of the Yangtze.

Tropical storm Trami has killed three people and forced others to evacuate from their homes in the Ilocos Norte province of the Philippines as waters reach near critical levels, Bloomberg News reported. Recurring floods have prompted criticism towards the government’s disaster response mechanisms, which failed to prevent damage of up to $US 846 million in infrastructure and farm output last December.

China’s Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief praised Russia on Sunday for its cooperation in fighting floods currently affecting both countries, China Daily reported. While some have said that Russia’s discharge of flood waters from reservoirs upstream of the border has made flood control difficult, the office says that in fact, Russia has paid close attention to the situation and is working closely with China to coordinate response mechanisms.

Although up to 100,000 people may need to be evacuated from Russia’s far East to escape record setting flood levels this year, there is a significant lack of panic in the region, United Press International reported. “”The damage is extensive, but the most significant achievement is there have been no casualties … we cannot relax, there is still a lot of work to be done,” said President Vladimir Putin.

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