The Stream, August 29: Water, Mining, and Agriculture in Northern Chile

Water Scarcity
Farming communities in northern Chile are concerned about the effect of new, large-scale mining projects on the region’s scarce water supplies, the Santiago Times reported. Though investments by the mining companies have led to improved irrigation infrastructure, distrust remains in these communities.

Water flows in West Africa’s Volta River Basin could decline 24 percent by 2050, necessitating a rethink of agricultural production in the region, AlertNet reported. The development of groundwater resources and improved rainfall forecasting could help farmers cope with the changes.

New advance-warning systems and flood education initiatives are being put to the test in Nigeria as heavy rains batter the country, the Guardian reported. There is evidence that the measures—put in place after last year’s catastrophic floods—are already working to save lives, but residents still have doubts about government preparations.

Floods in Laos have killed 20 people, left many without clean water, and damaged 14,000 hectares of rice crops, AlertNet reported. Natural disasters like floods will become more frequent in the country due to climate change, according to the United Nations.

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