The Stream, February 25: Preventive Flood Planning Gains Urgency Along U.S. East Coast

With scientists confident that warmer climates will make Atlantic Ocean-spawned storms bigger and more damaging, Boston and cities like it are preparing. A range of measures can mitigate damage from major storms, NPR reported, from small steps like spotting doors or vents vulnerable to flooding to major citywide readiness initiatives.

Conflict Looms
The Middle East is a likely flash point for the world’s next war over water. The factors driving the likelihood for conflict higher, Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square blog argued, include a booming global middle class, shifting geology and changing regional climates.

Wisconsin Withdrawals
Every year, Wisconsin industries withdraw more than two trillion gallons of water from the state’s surface and groundwater sources. Power plants are the largest water users, the Associated Press reported, with the state’s paper-production companies ranking second.

Proposed Bottled-Water Ban
A bill in Maine would ban public agencies from purchasing bottled water. The ban would cover state governments, government agencies, and their affiliates, WCSH reported, in a state with an active bottled-water industry.

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