The Stream, January 24: Conflict in Kenya

Violence broke out between the Massai and Kikuyu tribes in Kenya over water access that left hundreds homeless and 80 dead. The Kikuyus are farmers who trade for a living, AlertNet reported, while the Maasai are pastoral herders, and water scarcity often leads to violent disputes over the two for regular access. However, encouraging signs of partnership and resource sharing are emerging.

Careful Urbanization
Countries’ populations have shifted from 20 percent to 60 percent urban in the past 30 years, so city leaders face major challenges. A World Bank report outlines the bank’s vision for resilient and sustainable city growth that creates jobs, expands basic services, improves living conditions, and manages cities’ physical spaces.

U.S. Infrastructure Management
New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection is considering the best ways to harness hydropower potential in the city’s reservoirs, distribution lines and sewers. Studies began last spring, The New York World reported, and consultant submissions are due today.

Conservation accounts for 24 percent of the total volume of water Texas state officials hope to add to the state’s supply in the next 50 years. That mix will include quick showers, low-flush toilets, and irrigation restrictions, The Dallas Morning News reported.

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