The Stream, June 10: Severe Flooding Continues in Europe

Rivers around Europe remain at record high levels, but floodwaters are slowly abating in some areas. Southern Germany’s water levels have stabilized, USA Today reported, wihile Northern Europe’s rivers are still swelling, and the Danube has yet to reach an expected record high.

Investment in California
California needs more water-infrastructure investment than any other state in the U.S. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranked the state ahead of Texas, New York, and others, The Los Angeles Times reported, estimating that it requires $US 44.5 billion over the next two decades.

Drinkable Martian Water
NASA’s Opportunity rover found the first evidence of drinkable water on Mars. Previous findings only indicated acidic water, RT reported, but minerals from the first billion years of Martian history now indicate potable, pH-neutral water.

Sustainability After Crisis
It is too late to end the global freshwater crisis, but a sustainable water future is still possible. That is the takeaway thought from University of California-Irvine Professor Jay Famiglietti, who shared a TEDx talk on National Geographic.

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