The Stream, June 14: Water Limiting China’s Shale Gas Growth

Water management will be the most limiting factor for China’s shale gas development, a consulting group confirmed. While water flows might be abundant, Bloomberg reported, the necessary clean water is harder to find.

Read Circle of Blue’s 2012 coverage of water’s potential limits on shale gas development in China here.

In Minnesota, federal regulators ordered the state to more strictly limit pollution in lakes and rivers.The order, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, comes on the heels of a petition from an environmental law firm.

Texas Oklahoma
In ongoing coverage of the Supreme Court’s decision to block Texas from withdrawing an Oklahoma basin’s water, The Dallas Morning News editorial board argued that the Court decision contradicts the original 1980 Red River Compact. Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma were all given equal rights to excess water in the Red River’s sub basins, but the board said this decision ignored that agreement.

Water and Energy
Glasgow, Scotland plans to use renewable sources for half of its energy production by 2015. One key piece of the puzzle? Subterranean bodies of water, National Geographic reported, with temperatures that hover consistently around 51 degrees F year round. The local government wants to tap the water’s heat to power homes and businesses.

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