The Stream, June 6: Floods Along Mississippi and Missouri Rivers Are Stark Contrast to Drought Times

Days of heavy rains have made the drought-like conditions earlier this year along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers feel like a distant memory. Flooding, USA Today reported, has inundated Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.

Public Health
At least 450 garment workers fell ill during shifts at a Bangladeshi garment factory this week. A contaminated water supply is expected in the latest garment factory disruption, CBS News reported, since the major collapse near Dhaka that killed 1,129 workers in April.

Desperate for Investment
The U.S. needs to spend $US 384 billion on its national drinking water systems to keep supplies safe. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the numbers, CNN reported, pointing to an increased reliance on water systems spurred by population growth and climate change.

Water and Unrest
Politics and water are deeply connected in Bolivia. Emily Achtenburg, writing for the North American Congress on Latin America blog, charts the history of resource-related political leadership changes, protests, strikes, and more in the landlocked, water-hungry country.

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