The Stream, March 12: Water Replaces Soda as America’s Drink of Choice

Americans drink more water than any other beverage — a turnaround from 1998, when the average United States person drank more soda than water in a year. Soda consumption is down from 54 gallons to to 44 gallons per person per year, the Associated Press reported, while water is up from 42 gallons consumed per person annually to 58 gallons.

Climate-Driven Migration
Rising temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns over the next century will cause internal migration and emigration from Mexico. The Royal United Services Institute argued that migration studies should shift away from its focus on prevailing economic conditions, New Security Beat reported.

Los Angeles Water Battle to Court
The city of Los Angeles is back in court over its obligations to clean up Owens Lake — now a salt flat the size of San Francisco and the largest dust polluter in the United States. The city agreed to the cleanup plan because diverting water from the Owens River, NPR reported, created a major water source for Los Angeles, but also dried out the lake and created the dust pollution.

Resilient Cities
Sustainable systems, despite their diverse manifestations, share many features and limits. New Security Beat Consultsant Laurie Mazur, captures the latest lessons and outstanding questions.

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  1. Grant van der Vijver says:

    Thanks for the informative highlights. Glad to see America is changing, and hopefully the rest of the world will pay attention and also make healthier, more planet-friendly, choices.

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