The Stream, March 14: Colorado Utilities Limit Municipal Water Use

Colorado residents will face some of the strictest water limits ever this spring and summer, as the state’s largest municipal water providers try to curtail spring and summer watering to two times per week. The restrictions, The Denver Post reported, show how severe the ongoing drought has been in Colorado.

Fracking Commentary
Two scientists explained the ‘facts on fracking’ in an op-ed piece for The New York Times. They precisely define hydraulic fracturing, outline the economic benefits, and clarify how, precisely, fracking operations can contaminate their surrounding environments.

Pig Dumping
At last count, more than 6,000 pigs floated in a river into Shanghai. The carcasses, the Guardian reported, are reportedly coming from farms upriver in Zhejiang province, causing Shanghai to intensify its water-supply disinfection and swine-virus testing.

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Indian Supply Struggles
Cherrapunji, India is one of the rainiest places in the world, but many residents struggle to find potable water. The apparent contradiction, The New York Times reported, is emblematic of India’s water-related struggles: they are not exclusively environmental.

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