The Stream, March 21: Cities Competing for Colorado River Water

Phoenix and Los Angeles are emblematic of growing municipal-use strains on the Colorado River. Jennifer Pitt, the Environmental Defense Fund’s Colorado River Project director, outlines the conflict in National Geographic and recommended solutions.

Research and Reputation
A prestigious German research center halted its oil sands environmental work, citing fears that their reputation could be harmed. The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, The Globe and Mail reported, had been studying sands monitoring and biological toxic-waste cleanup mechanisms, but international scrutiny became too intense for the research to continue.

Studying Sediment
A massive volume of sediment and debris was released in Washington State after the largest dam removal in U.S. history. While the environmental and ecological impacts are still unclear, Yale Environment 360 reported, the removal is a rare opportunity for detailed tracking and research.

Regulation and Enforcement
A troubling gap exists in China between strong governmental pollution control laws and a lack of on-the-ground enforcement. Circle of Blue partner Susan Shifflett outlined the necessary next steps toward improving Chinese pollution mitigation based on a recent conversation between Chinese activist lawyer Wang Canfa and the Woodrow Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum.

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