The Stream, March 4: Attention and Resources Turning to U.S. Reservoirs

As drought settles in to water districts around the U.S., particularly in southern and western states, reservoirs are gaining prominence. In Texas alone, planners are envisioning 26 new large reservoirs, The New York Times reported, with a $US 13.6 billion price tag.

Hydraulic Fracturing in Europe
Poland is the latest country to find itself on the verge of a potential natural-gas boom. Local farmers, industry representatives, authorities, and the general public, the Guardian reported, are all debating the merits and drawbacks of hydraulic fracturing development in Poland and Europe more broadly.

Britain Looking Ahead
Britain’s Environment Agency is calling for improvements to its anti-flood defenses and severe-drought preparations. The agency reviewed Britain’s weather patterns, river levels and flooding events last year, the Guardian reported, and found a very urgent need for more comprehensive planning.

Urban Infrastructure
New Orleans is still asking residents in the eastern half of the city to boil any drinking water. The boil advisory started Sunday when a boiler-room service interruption led to a loss of water pressure.

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