The Stream, May 21: Giant Tornado Leaves Oklahoma Suburb Without Water Supplies

A deadly tornado tore across Oklahoma, killing at least 91 people and crushing buildings, Monday afternoon. The southern suburb of Moore, which was hit most by the tornado, remains without running water. Earlier, the tornado damaged a water treatment plant and residents were told not to drink water. More tornadoes and thunderstorms are expected to hit the area, the Daily Mail reported.

Women Lead Urge for Water 

Women take the lead in India to protest for water supply. Water shortages are not uncommon in India’s summer and can turn into droughts, The New York Times reported. It is the women’s responsibility to collect water for her family. Thus, women have been taking initiative in water councils to urge officials for better pipelines and to learn traditional ways of collecting water.

South Africa Pipeline

South Africa will begin building a 70-kilometer water pipeline this year, Bloomberg reported. The pipeline will draw from the De Hoop Dam and supply water to coal mines in the Waterberg area. The mines contain 40 percent of South Africa’s coal. The project will benefit more than 2 million people.

Asia Pacific Water Summit

The Second Asia Pacific Water Summit took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand and concluded Monday. Leaders from nine nations and ministers from 26 more attended the summit, Bankok Post reported. Attending nations pledged to protect their countries from flood and drought disasters.

Among several issues raised, Channel News Asia reported, the Thai government’s $12 billion water management plan was under fire. Experts criticized the flood plan saying that it did not consider environmental and health effects on flood prone areas. They urged the Thai government to consult locals before continuing.

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