The Stream, May 9: Draft EPA Budget to Cut Water Quality Testing

A proposal in President Barack Obama’s draft 2014 budget would cut the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Beach Grant Program. Critics, NBC4 reported, argue that people will be less informed about unhealthy ocean water if the $US 10 million cut is imposed.

Yemeni Crisis
In a dispatch from Taiz, Yemen, Tom Friedman writes about the violence surrounding a severe water crisis. Since 2000, Friedman wrote in The New York Times, six people have been killed and many more wounded over water.

Water and Hurricanes
With hurricane season approaching, the United States’ chief hurricane forecaster said he is more afraid of damage from water than any other source. Flooding and storm surges are difficult to predict, the Associated Press reported, costly, and deadly.

Texas Drought Mitigation
Yesterday Texas Governor Rick Perry said he would call a summer special legislative session if lawmakers cannot pass a satisfactory water-funding bill. Perry, The Austin American-Statesman reported, wants a balanced budget, no transportation-fee increases, and $US 2 billion for water infrastructure.

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