Five Rivers of Punjab:

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Punjab means “land of five rivers,” stemming from the Persian words ‘panj,’ meaning ‘five,’ and ‘aab,’ meaning ‘water.’ The five rivers — Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Sutlej — are now divided between India and Pakistan. But before India’s independence from colonial rule, there was one Punjab region that encompassed both sides of the India-Pakistan border. (Image © Aubrey Ann Parker / Circle of Blue)

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  1. Jitender Verma says:

    Real name of Punjab is Sapta Sindhu- the land of 7 rivers. Then it came tone known as Pancha Aapah- the land of five rivers. These both names are Sanskrit. Then during Mughal rule, they change Aapah with Persian word Aab, which means water. Note that Persian word Aab is derived from Sanskrit word Aapah which also means water.

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