The Stream, July 24: China Establishes Seven Water Trading Markets

Rules for pilot water trading markets in seven Chinese provinces will be approved by October, Reuters reported. The markets could improve water use efficiency in the country, but some experts have questioned their legality under Chinese law.

India is hoping to forge closer ties with Nepal by offering to help develop hydropower in the country, Reuters reported. Nepal could generate an estimated 40,000 megawatts from hydropower, but currently generates just 600 megawatts.

United States
The U.S. government is set to spend $US 1 million studying how the chemical MCHM could affect human health as well as fish and bugs, Aljazeera reported. Nearly 38,000 liters of MCHM spilled into West Virginia’s Elk River in January, contaminating the water supply for 300,000 people.

Water prices in California have reached as much as $US 1,100 per acre-foot (1,233 cubic meters), a 10-fold increase from before the drought, Bloomberg News reported. Demand has been especially high from farmers because federal water deliveries have been cut.

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