Top 50 Water Blogs 2013 Circle of Blue

#1 in Top 50 Water Blogs of 2013

Did you see that Circle of Blue was ranked #1 in the “content excellence” category on the list of Top 50 Water Blogs of 2013?

Top 50 Water Blogs 2013 Circle of Blue

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Circle of Blue was named #1 in content excellence in the Top 50 Water Blogs of 2013. Click image to enlarge.

There are more than 500 million blogs on the Web, and about 250 of those are readily accessible that talk about water. After an exhaustive three-month process to whittle down the list to 50, has ranked Circle of Blue as #1 in “content excellence.”

Click here to see others on the list and to read how the authors made this decision, having started out with more than 250 blogs! I love how candid and clear they are with how their process of selection worked — you see “Top 50” or “Best of” lists all the time, but hardly ever is there such a level of transparency.

Thanks to those who worked so hard on this list, and thanks to the 250 other blogs all across the world wide Web who are working hard to bring water issues to the forefront.

Do you write a blog on water-related issues? Or are you more of a connoisseur of #waternews, exclusively reading? Do you have a favorite blog that isn’t on this list but should be? I’d love to hear from you: connect with me on Twitter at @aubreyh2o, email me at, or comment below.

–Aubrey Ann Parker, news editor and data analyst

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