The Stream, April 13: Chile Copper Mines Look to Sea as Water Disputes Continue

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Copper mines in Chile will need to use sea water in the future as conflicts over fresh water escalate, industry officials say. Wildfires are raging in Siberia, while droughts in Kenya are driving herders to sell their land. China, Japan, and South Korea signed a new water agreement at the World Water Forum, and U.S. Forest Service officials are investigating an expired water permit in California. A woman used the Paris marathon to raise awareness about water.

“There is no big mining project – we’re talking world-class projects – that you can develop up north without using ocean water, desalinized or not, in the future.”–Diego Hernandez, chief executive officer of Chile mining group Antofogasta, on the water needs of major copper mines in the country’s northern regions. Competition over water has sparked protests and legal action against many mining projects in Chile. (Reuters)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

42 kilometers Distance of the Paris Marathon, which a woman from Gambia walked this year with a jerrycan of water on her head to raise awareness of how far women in Africa must go to find water. Euronews

27 years Time that Nestle Waters North America’s permit to transport water across a national forest in California has been expired. Forest Service officials are now investigating the permit. The Desert Sun

15 people Number killed in wildfires in Siberia, which have also injured at least 400 others. Dry weather and high winds are driving the fires’ spread, officials said. BBC


Science, Studies, And Reports

Droughts in Kenya are encouraging herders to sell their ancestral lands to pay for healthcare, education and debt, according to a report by the Kenya-based Youth Empowerment Support Services. Alertnet

On the Radar

On The Radar

China, Japan, and South Korea signed an agreement at the World Water Forum today to increase cooperation on water policy and improve water security. The 7th World Water Forum is being held this week in Daegu, South Korea. Xinhua

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