The Stream, August 14: Animas Mine Waste Spill Has Likely Reached Lake Powell

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

A plume of toxic mine waste spilled on the Animas River in Colorado last week has reached Lake Powell. A group of distillers are looking more closely at how water affects the taste of their spirits. The leading presidential candidate in Argentina has cut short a trip abroad after flooding in the province he currently governs.

“Nobody has come to help us, to ask if we need anything. It is embarrassing that politicians were going through the streets before the primary election last Sunday. Now they don’t need our votes? Take off your shoes and get wet!” — Maria de los Angeles, Argentinian flood victim, on her government’s response to her plight. (Reuters)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

300 miles – Distance from the site of an accidental spill of mine waste on the Animas River in Colorado to Lake Powell, which sits at the head of the Colorado River. Officials say that, based on their calculations, the plume of waste has reached the lake. The lake, which holds more than 4 trillion gallons of water, is undergoing testing. ABC News/Associated Press


Science, Studies, And Reports

A group of distillers have done a simple experiment to test the effects of using different waters in liquor production. The distillers made six identical gins, but used six different waters in the distilling and proofing processes. The winner of the taste test used a tap water from England. The experiment was detailed in the latest issue of the American Distilling Institute’s magazine, Distiller. Wired

On the Radar

On The Radar

Argentina’s front-runner presidential candidate, Daniel Scioli, has cut short a trip to Italy in the wake of flooding in Buenos Aires province, of which he is the governor. He was in Italy to have work done on his prosthetic arm, and was widely criticized for leaving while floods ravaged the region. One-third of the annual rainfall for the region has fallen in just a few days, and 4000 have evacuated their homes. Reuters

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