The Stream, May 30: Congo River’s Inga 3 Dam Nears Construction

The Global Rundown

Construction of the first phase of what would be the world’s largest dam is set to begin within months on the Congo River. Millions of people in Central America need food aid to cope with two consecutive years of drought. A lawsuit over water pollution from a copper mine in Zambia will be heard in British courts. The cost of replacing lead water pipes in Flint, Michigan could be much higher than previously estimated. U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized California for saving too much water for endangered fish, saying there is no drought in the state.

“There is no drought.” –Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president, speaking at a rally in California. Trump said too much water was being kept in rivers and sent to the ocean to save fish rather than being diverted to help farmers in the Central Valley. (Associated Press)

By The Numbers

40,000 megawatts Potential capacity of a hydropower project planned for the Congo River, making it the world’s largest. Construction of the first phase of the dam could begin within months. (Guardian)

$7,500 Estimated cost, per water line, to replace lead water pipes in Flint, Michigan. Overall, replacing pipes in the city could cost $55 million. Detroit Free Press

Science, Studies, And Reports

Farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras endured two years of consecutive droughts that have destroyed crops and left 2.8 million people in need of food aid, according to a report from the United Nations. A state of emergency declared last year remains in effect in Honduras. Reuters

On The Radar

A court case over water pollution from a copper mine in Zambia will be heard in British courts, according to a decision by a high court judge. The multinational mining company that is the target of the lawsuit is headquartered in London, but had previously sought to have the case heard in Zambia. Guardian