The Stream, November 7: Wetland Restoration In Senegal Raises Hope and Concern

The Global Rundown

Mangrove reforestation projects in Senegal help coastal wetlands, but also raise questions about local rights. In Louisiana, water managers refine water diversions from the Mississippi River to protect the delta. Floods continue to besiege Haiti a month after Hurricane Matthew. An earthquake in Oklahoma’s oil hub revives concerns about underground wastewater disposal. South Africa’s water minister calls on prayer to end the country’s drought.

“We should pray. But we must never pray like those who do not have faith. As we pray asking for his divine intervention amidst the drought, we must also thank him because he gave us ideas to survive the last two years without sufficient rains.” –Nomvula Mokonyane, South Africa’s water minister, asking citizens to appeal to God for an end to the severe drought that has depleted reservoirs and forced cities to issue water restrictions. (South African Broadcasting Corporation)

By The Numbers

10 people Number killed by floods over the weekend in Haiti, where persistent rains are hindering the country’s efforts to recover from Hurricane Matthew. Reuters

5.0 Magnitude of an earthquake near Cushing, Oklahoma on Sunday, the third to shake the state that day. The underground disposal of wastewater from oil production has been linked to an increase in seismic activity in Oklahoma. Reuters

Science, Studies, And Reports

Ongoing research in Louisiana is helping water managers determine how much water to divert from the Mississippi River in order to restore sediment to vulnerable coastal areas. The work aims to balance coastal restoration with the maintenance of marine fisheries. The New Orleans Advocate

On The Radar

Large reforestation projects to restore mangroves and coastal wetlands in Senegal are aiding in the recovery of fisheries. But the projects, part of an effort by international companies to generate carbon credits, have also raised concerns about fair pay and rights for the local communities that do the restoration work. Yale Environment 360