The Stream, October 10: Hurricane Matthew Kills At Least 900 in Haiti, Sets Storm Surge Records In U.S. Southeast

The Global Rundown

Hurricane Matthew cut an avenue of death and destruction as it moved northward out of the Caribbean. Water is the uniting factor for a coalition opposing an Oklahoma “right-to-farm” ballot initiative. Average water use per fracked well doubled in the United States since 2013, according to an analysis of industry data. In a move of collaboration, Bangladesh wants India’s participation in the construction of a Ganges dam. And an Australian province hopes to speed up permitting for the Carmichael coal mine, which would be the country’s largest.

“We are not far from having one million people who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.” — Mourad Wahba, United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Haiti, speaking about the widespread need for food, shelter, and medicine after Hurricane Matthew tore across the unfortunate country. BBC

By The Numbers

$US 4 billion Estimated cost of a dam across the Ganges River in Bangladesh, just east of the border with India. Top officials in Bangladesh, including the prime minister, want India to be at the table to discuss the project. Representatives from India’s water ministry will soon visit Dhaka, their counterparts say. Indian Express

Science, Studies, And Reports

Average water use per hydraulically fractured well in the United States more than doubled since 2013, according to an analysis of industry data. Ceres, a sustainable business group, came to that conclusion by looking at figures submitted to FracFocus, a well-drilling database. The increase is likely due to wells that extend for longer distances horizontally. Most wells are drilled in water-scarce regions such as Weld County, in eastern Colorado, and the Eagle Ford shale, in southern Texas. Ceres

Tide gauges in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina measured record storm surges during Hurricane Matthew. Storm surge is the rise in water level above normal high tide. Rising seas are a factor. Weather Underground

On The Radar

In order to quicken the permitting process, the leadership of Queensland, Australia appears ready to declare special status for the proposed Carmichael coal mine. The mine, which would be the country’s largest, has drawn opposition from aboriginal and environmental groups, who worry about the carbon content of the coal and groundwater depletion. Even with all permits in hand, the mine is not a done deal. There are questions whether Adani, the developer, has the financial capacity to proceed. Guardian

A ballot initiative in Oklahoma that restricts the state’s ability to regulate farmers and livestock operators is drawing opposition from a medley of groups that are concerned about water pollution. State Question 777, on the November ballot, would change the state constitution. StateImpact Oklahoma