The Stream, October 3: Hurricane Matthew Floods Caribbean Islands

The Global Rundown

The prime minister of St. Lucia called for more action on climate change as Hurricane Matthew brought floods and landslides to Caribbean island nations. More rain is expected in South Australia, where storms cut electricity across the state last week. Some communities in northern England are still struggling to recover from last winter’s widespread flooding, according to a new assessment. Fighting in Aleppo, Syria continued to destroy important water infrastructure in the city. A company told a California town to find a new source of water, raising questions about private control of water supplies.

“We are paying a very heavy price down here, we are not net emitters, we do not have economies that are large enough to solve the problem ourselves and we are dependent on the world.” –Allen Chastanet, prime minister of the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia, on the threats his country faces from stronger storms linked to climate change. Over the past week, Hurricane Matthew has damaged agriculture, cut water supplies, and caused flooding and landslides in St. Lucia. (Reuters)

By The Numbers

$97,500 Amount Oregon-based Roseburg Forest Products began charging in July to allow the town of Weed, California to use water from a natural spring on its land. Previously the company charged the town just $1 per year, but now it says the community needs to find another source of water. The New York Times

100 millimeters Expected rainfall in the region surrounding Adelaide, Australia by Tuesday, compounding flood conditions along the Gawler River. Storms and flooding in South Australia last week knocked out power across the state. Australian Associated Press

Science, Studies, And Reports

A series of severe winter storms last year flooded 15,237 homes and businesses in northern England, according to a survey just released by the Local Government Association. In order to prevent future disasters, the group called for mandatory anti-flood regulations for homes, as well as more local control of government flood defense funds and projects. Guardian

On The Radar

Continuing attacks on Aleppo, Syria resulted in the bombing of a water station in the eastern part of the city on Friday. A human rights group said that government forces were responsible, but the military blamed rebel fighters for the destruction. Reuters