The Stream, March 29: Pakistan Climate Change Law Depends On Implementation Measures

The Global Rundown

The success of Pakistan’s new Climate Change Act, meant to address floods and other climate disasters, will depend on the government’s ability to implement policies and projects on the ground, experts say. Canada announced more than a dozen water infrastructure projects to tackle chronic drinking water advisories in Ontario. Local activists in Kenya face violent intimidation tactics to stop protests against logging in critical forests and watersheds. A pilot project in India’s Madhya Pradesh state will study land use to improve food and water security. Rising sea levels will cause groundwater to flood areas of Honolulu, putting property and infrastructure at risk, a new study found.

“Whatever they asked me, I responded the way they wanted because all I wanted was my safety. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would survive another day.” –Wanjiku, a Kenya land rights activist, recounting a kidnapping last year meant to intimidate her from protesting against logging near Mount Kenya. The forest is a critical watershed, but local activists say the Kenya Forest Service is allowing illegal logging to take place. The forest service denies the accusations. (Reuters)

In context: Murders of activists defending safe water and the environment have risen sharply around the globe.

By The Numbers

18 water projects Number announced by Canada’s federal government to address chronic drinking water advisories in First Nations communities in northern Ontario. The projects will cost $34.7 million and include upgrades to water and wastewater infrastructure. CBC News

380,000 hectares Area that will be included in a new land use pilot project in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The project will pair local knowledge with high-resolution satellite images to see how land is being used and how it can be restored, with the hope of improving food production, water availability, and biodiversity. Reuters

Science, Studies, And Reports

Rising sea levels will push groundwater to the surface and could flood real estate worth $5 billion in Honolulu, according to a study by researchers at the University of Hawaii. Higher water levels could also encroach on cesspools, potentially contaminating groundwater and creating a health hazard.

On The Radar

Earlier this month, Pakistan passed a new law to address the effects of climate change and created a national Climate Change Council, a Climate Change Authority, and a Climate Change Fund. Regional experts, however, say the law is just one step toward mitigating floods, droughts, and other climate disasters, and that its success depends on implementation. The Third Pole