The Stream, November 15: Fossil Fuel Emissions to Hit Record High in 2017

The Global Rundown

After three years of flat carbon emissions, fossil fuel burning is on track to hit a record high in 2017. A state of emergency has been declared for the Greek island of Symi after a sudden downpour swept cars into the sea and cut water supplies. Climate change is threatening 62 of the world’s natural wonders, a report finds. Jordan switches on a 12.9 megawatts solar plant at Zaatari refugee camp, providing thousands of people with renewable energy. Sunday’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake along the Iraq-Iran border leaves villages without water and damages the Darbandikhan Dam.

“There has been no help yet, neither food nor water, no clothing, no tents, there is nothing.” –A resident of Kermanshah province, whose village was reduced to rubble after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Iran-Iraq border late Sunday night. More than 500 villages suffered damage, and at least 450 people were killed. An Iraqi dam cracked after being hit by falling rocks, but no leakages have been found so far. CNN

By The Numbers

37 billion tonnes Estimated amount of carbon that will be emitted by burning fossil fuels in 2017, the highest yearly total ever. A new report also states that global carbon emissions are expected to rise by 2 percent by the end of 2017. According to climate scientists, global emissions must reach their peak by 2020 and then fall rapidly to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. The Guardian  

80,000 Number of Syrians who will receive renewable energy from the 12.9 megawatts solar plant recently installed at Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp. The project, which was funded by the German government at a cost of 15 million euro ($17.50 million), will provide energy in the camp for up to 14 hours a day. Reuters

Science, Studies, And Reports

A growing number of natural wonders are being damaged or endangered by rising global temperatures, according to a report by the International Union for Conservation Nature (IUCN). The new IUCN report states that a total of 62 natural world heritage sites are at risk, including the Galapagos Islands, the Everglades, and Mexico’s monarch butterfly reserves. The Guardian

On The Radar

The Greek government declared a state of emergency for the island of Symi after a torrential downpour washed away cars, damaged homes, and cut off water and electricity. Volunteers and army equipment were sent to the island to help fix roads and other damage. Reuters